About AIPepe

DAO governed and community owned AI memecoin

Created by AI, for the community. AIPepe is the first DAO governed and community owned AI memecoin — $AIPEPE is the token for the people.

Why should I join AIPEPE?

Utilities and rewards
AIPepe not just another memecoin, we are all about providing value and rewards for the community. Holders of $AIPEPE will have access to value-adding utilities from the start. More incentives will always be added as AIPEPE grows.
Secure and Safe
AIPEPE is SAFU. The team is KYC'd and the contract has passed through a rigorous audit by a reputable Audit firm.
Renounced Ownership
We have made the decision to renounce ownership of $AIPEPE, and the team has no tokens.
Last modified 9mo ago